Notes on South African Companies Act Third Edition E-Book

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Editor in Chief: Advocate Leigh Hefer  (B.Sc. (Hons), LL.B (cum laude), LL.M (magna cum laude), Ph.D.

Chapters in the book:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Purposes of the Companies Act

Chapter 3: Categorisation of Companies

Chapter 4: Company Formation, Registration, Constitution (Memorandum of Incorporation), Rules, Shareholders Agreements and Ring-fenced Companies

Chapter 5: Company Name, Registered Office, Company Records and Company Conversions

Chapter 6: Control

Chapter 7: Company Finance and Capital

Chapter 8: Securities Registration and Transfer

Chapter 9: Public Offerings of Company Securities

Chapter 10: Shareholders

Chapter 11: Directors

Chapter 12: Accounting Records, Financial Statements, Financial Reporting Standards, Audit and Independent Review

Chapter 13: The Independent Accounting Professional, the Auditor, Reporting Standards and the New Auditors Report

Chapter 14: Enhanced Accountability and Transparency

Chapter 15: Business Rescue

Chapter 16: Winding-up of Solvent and Insolvent Companies and Deregistration

Chapter 17: Electronic Signatures, Communication and Substantial Compliance

Chapter 18: Remedies and Enforcement

Chapter 19: Fundamental Transactions, Takeovers and Offers

Chapter 20: Sanctions and Offences

Chapter 21: Leniency regarding Governance for Profit Companies

Chapter 22: Close Corporations 


Third Edition Special Features include:

  • King IV  (TM) Commentaries and Applications
  • King IV (TM) and Board Committees
  • The IRBA Code 2017 Revised Commentaries
  • Guidelines on interpreting key sections and regulations
  • Examples of practical applications
  • Explanation of key definitions and concepts
  • Detailed commentary on principal sections and regulations
  • New Companies Act versus Close Corporations Act comparative table
  • Auditing Profession Act 2005 versus Companies Act 2008 comparative table
  • Free directors duties checklist
  • Free compliance checklist
  • Alterable provisions of the Companies Act explained
  • Companies Act Compliance Framework
  • Companies and Close Corporations required to be audited or independently reviewed
  • Types of of Shareholders Ordinary Resolutions
  • Types of Shareholders Special Resolutions
  • Board Resolutions Decision Tree
  • Types of Board Committees
  • Accounting Records, Financial Statements and Annual Financial Statements comparative table
  • Offences under the 1973 Companies Act versus 2008 Companies Act comparative table
  • JSE Listing Requirements and the 2008 Companies Act
  • Application of the Solvency and Liquidity Test for Companies


PLUS the Integrated and Consolidated Companies Act, 71 of 2008 and amendments from the Companies Amendment Act, 3 of 2011 and Companies Regulations

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3rd Edition
B5 Size
~ 1100 Pages