Commercial Property Valuations

For commercial and industrial investment properties, one needs to measure the return on investment in property and measure the financial performance of the property in terms of the generation of investment value in terms of its net rental income against the capitalisation interest rate of the property including a risk assessment based on the grading of the property.

Genesis' Commercial Property Valuation Online Tool provides this online service and generates a for any type and size of commercial and investment property in any country.

Features and Benefits

  • Property grading risk assessment
  • Property gearing calculation
  • Investment method and depreciated replacement method
  • Produces fundamental intrinsic valuation of the property ito value drivers and risk indicators
  • Two benchmark valuations (comparative market transaction and depreciation replacement cost value)
  • Property gearing
  • Financial due diligence on the property
  • Financial performance of the property ito operating costs and return on property embedded cost


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