Business Valuations Pro

In order for businesses to measure their financial position and financial performance, as well as their future financial prospects, Business Valuations Pro provides the online the Business (enterprise and operations) and Equity (share / owners interest / net asset value) Valuation Tool to generate a valuation for any type of business of any size based in any country.

This is effectively a financial due diligence and business risk assessment that generates a comprehensive and accurate report to be used for M&As, estates, business performance management, capital gains tax, and divorce matters.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive and accurate Business Valuation Report
  • For any type and size of business in any country.
  • Financial due diligence
  • Primary business valuation method decision tree
  • Reasonability / Sanity / Benchmark valuation methods optional
  • Detailed business risk assessment
  • Cost of risk calculation
  • Cost of equity calculation
  • Fixed period or in perpetuity valuation
  • Earnings based or cash flow based valuation, with or without terminal value
  • Economic goodwill vs accounting goodwill distinction
  • Discount rate and Capitalisation rate calculation


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