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online PoPI Act Compliance

The onlinePoPI tool, will take you through 25 Sections of the PoPI Act asking you simplified relevent questions to your entity to determine your compliance status, building customised documentation for your entity, and giving you a plan of things to work on to become PoPI Complipant where necessary

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CIPC Compliance Checklist

The CIPC has announced that as of 05 March 2020 per CIPC Notice No. 9 of 2020 it will be MANDATORY for companies requiring audit or independent review to submit the CIPC Enforcement Compliance Checklist (submitted 30 days after the company’s anniversary date) before they are able to submit their annual returns.

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Public Interest Score Calculator

The purpose of the Public Interest Score (PI Score) is to determine the extent that a company and close corporation is exposed to the public with the view to protect the shareholders and stakeholders dealing with the company by ensuring that there is an appropriate assurance level (audit or independent review) put in place and the need for a Social and Ethics Committee in terms of Regulation 29 of Companies Act 2008.

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Solvency & Liquidity Test

Section 4 of Companies Act 71 of 2008 requires that every company and close corporation must be both solvent and liquid at all times.

Genesis' Solvency and Liquidity Test Online Calculator (S&L Test) computes the Solvency Element and the Liquidity Element to confirm that the company is able to pay its debts as they become due and payable in the normal course of business after:

i) giving financial assistance to third parties / directors / prescribed officers for a period of 12 months after the date that the board has authorised financial assistance;

ii) making a distribution for a period of 12 months after the date of the distribution (date of payment of dividends).

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Business Valuations Pro

In order for businesses to measure their financial position and financial performance, as well as their future financial prospects, Genesis' Business Valuations Pro provides the Business (enterprise and operations) and Equity (share / owners interest / net asset value) Valuation Tool to generate a valuation and report for any type of business of any size in any country.

Genesis' Business Valuations Pro is effectively a financial due diligence and business risk assessment that generates a comprehensive and accurate valuation report to be used for M&As, deceased estates, business performance measurement, capital gains tax applications, divorce matters, financial planning, solvency and liquidity test and private equity transactions.

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Business Valuations Xpress

Business Valuations Xpress is an ideal business and equity valuation tool for for Buyers and Sellers of businesses, as well as for Business Brokers, that provides a quick and cost effective business and equity calculation and report, including key value drivers measured against the risk of the business.

Business Valuations Xpress can value SMEs in less than 60 minutes and meets the fundamental valuation considerations while providing an accurate and meaningful valuation report.

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Commercial Property Valuations

For commercial and industrial investment properties, one needs to measure the return on investment and measure the financial performance of the property in terms of the generation of investment value in relation to its net rental income benchmarked against the capitalisation interest rate of the property based on a risk assessment of the grading of the property.

Genesis' Commercial Property Valuation Online Tool generates a valuation and report for any type and size of commercial and investment property in any country.

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