Director's Handbook

New Edition!

for Company Directors and Prescribed Officers on the new Companies Act, Companies Regulations and Corporate Governance

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Over 1750 Questions for Company Directors and Prescribed Officers on the new Companies Act, Companies Regulations and Corporate Governance, Answered!




Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Background to the Companies Act

Chapter 3: Meaning of Director

Chapter 4: The Legal Position of Directors

Chapter 5: Executive and Non-Executive Directors

Chapter 6: Election and Appointment of Directors

Chapter 7: Director Independence

Chapter 8: Ethical Leadership

Chapter 9: Corporate Citizenship

Chapter 10: Strategy and Performance

Chapter 11: Reporting

Chapter 12: Appointment of Office Bearers and Delegation to Management

Chapter 13:  Board Composition

Chapter 14:  Board Committees

Chapter 15:  Board Meetings, Resolutions and Minutes

Chapter 16:  Board Performance Evaluation and Appraisal

Chapter 17: Duties, Responsibilities and Roles of Directors and Prescribed Officers

Chapter 18:  Liabilities of Directors and Prescribed Officers and Ratification

Chapter 19: Business Judgment Rule

Chapter 20: Indemnification and Insurance

Chapter 21:  Ineligibility, Disqualification, Delinquency and Probation

Chapter 22:  Removal of Directors, Retirement from Office, Resignation and Vacancies

Chapter 23:  Remuneration of Directors and Prescribed Officers

Chapter 24:  Financial Assistance for Subscription of Securities

Chapter 25:  Loans and Other Financial Assistance to Directors

Chapter 26:  Assurance

Chapter 27:  Risk Governance

Chapter 28:  Technology and Information Governance

Chapter 29:  Compliance Governance

Chapter 30:  Stakeholder, Shareholder and Group Relationships, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Tribunal Adjudication Proceedings

Chapter 31:  Record of Directors

Chapter 32:  Corporate Capacity of a Company

Chapter 33:  Fundamental Transactions

Chapter 34:  Types of Companies and Ring-Fenced Companies

Chapter 35:  Company Names

Chapter 36:  Incorporation, Registration and Transfer of Companies

Chapter 37:  Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI), Company Rules, Alterable and Unalterable Provisions

Chapter 38:  Company Registered Office

Chapter 39:  Company Records and Access

Chapter 40:  Related, Inter-Related and Control

Chapter 41:  Financial Year, Accounting Records, Financial Statements, Annual Financial Statements, Annual Returns, Public Interest Score, Audit and Independent Review, Reportable Irregularity

Chapter 42:  Shareholder Remedies and Minority Protection



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Over 1750 Questions and Answers
A5 Size
~ 2000 Pages