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It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of  your dynamic online CIPC Compliance Checklist tool to facilitate and manage the entire CIPC Enforcement Compliance Checklist process… from assessment to submission… that empowers your practice and contributes to enhanced compliance by your client’s companies.

Removes liability and risk from the professional to the company’s directors

*Saves time!  *Complete!   *Accurate!

The CIPC has announced that as of 05 March 2020 per CIPC Notice No. 9 of 2020 it will be MANDATORY for the following companies requiring audit or independent review to submit the CIPC Enforcement Compliance Checklist (submitted 30 days after the company’s anniversary date) for:• Private Companies
• Personal Liability Companies 
• Public Listed and Unlisted Companies
• State-owned Companies
• Non-Profit Companies


The purpose for CIPC implementing the CIPC Enforcement Compliance Checklist as a legal statutory requirement is:

• to serve as an education tool and contribute to improved accountability and responsibility of Directors, Company secretaries, Auditors and Audit firms in fulfilling fiduciary and statutory duties and contributing to a stronger compliant company,
• to monitor Compliance of Companies with the Companies Act,
• to ensure Compliance of the mandatory requirements of the Companies Act.

The CIPC Enforcement Compliance Checklist is a mandatory and compulsory submission return involving the assessment of the company’s compliance in relation to 24 sections and regulations of the Companies Act, 71 of 2008 as amended.

Some of the features and deliverables of our onlineComplyCheck tool are as follows:

► Customised CIPC Enforcement Compliance Checklist for each type of company : JSE Listed and Unlisted, Private Profit, Personal Liability and Non-Profit Companies requiring audit or independent review*

► Pre-onlineComplyCheck Client Questionnaire in English and Afrikaans

► Client Mandate and Client Information Letter in English and Afrikaans

► Sub-Account Holders for multiple users

► Emailed reminder prompts on key dates including Submission Due Date

► Detailed Compliance Questionnaire (Compliance Audit Trail) of all questions and responses of client

► Individual Directors Declarations and Consolidated Directors Declarations Report

► Reasons for Non-Compliance Report for non-compliant areas

► Consolidated CIPC Enforcement Compliance Checklist Report for submission

► Reports branded with Your Client’s Logo and Preparer (Your) Details

► Removes liability and risk from the professional to the company’s directors

► *Saves time!  *Complete!   *Accurate!


The intellectual property of the onlineComplyCheck  tool has been developed by Dr Adv Leigh Hefer, who developed OnlineMOI, one of the foremost authorities on the new Companies Act and authors of the Notes on South African Companies Act, to ensure the integrity and credibility of the onlineComplyCheck CIPC Enforcement Compliance Checklist Tool.


What are the Sanctions for Non-Compliance or Providing a False Statement to the CIPC?

Sections 214 and 216 of Companies Act 2008 provides that any person who knowingly provides false or misleading information, in any circumstance, in which the Companies Act requires the person to provide information or give notice to the Commission, is liable, on conviction, to a fine or to imprisonment for a period of up to 10 years or to both a fine or imprisonment.

If you have any questions or require any assistance from us, do not hesitate to contact Dr John Hendrikse directly at or 082 820 5338 or 021 782 0765.

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